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On-trend rug styles Australians are loving

Adding a rug to your room brings colour, depth and warmth. The right rug can take your room design to the next level. 

When it comes to rug trends, they’re changing every year. While some styles never go out of fashion, others come and go. With everyone in and out of lockdown, this year has been an interesting year in rug trends and we’ve seen a huge variety of styles gaining popularity. 

Here are 4 on-trend rug styles Australians are loving in 2021.

Natural textiles and colours

This year natural colours and textiles are trending. Earthy hues bring warmth and comfort and blend seamlessly into most room designs. Rugs with natural tones work great against timber floors and can work as an anchor against more elaborate colour schemes. 

Materials such as jute, wool and sisal are durable and look fantastic, and there are many sustainable choices making them great for the environment too. At Toowoomba rugs we have a variety of recycled rugs, including the Chandler rug made from 100% jute and the Envy rug made from recycled leather and jute, making it both durable and easy to clean. 

Natural fibres are perfect for high traffic areas and most are also easy to maintain, making them a great option for families or anyone with pets.  

Bold patterns

From one extreme to the other, we move from natural tones to bold, colourful patterns. 

Bold patterns burst with personality and are a great way to bring a part of yourself into the space. Gone are the days where rugs had to ‘fit into’ a space, instead these statement rugs have become the focal point with other pieces taking inspiration from their patterns and hues.

The Paris rug is big and bold, part of our artistic range with vibrant colours to bring your room to life. Why not add a talking point with the Indie rug, inspired by the colours and patterns of the Inca people, with rich blues and orange for a bold pop of colour. 

Vintage style

The vintage trend has been around for a while now, but this year it’s gathered even more momentum. The rugs don’t have to be old, but they still carry the charm and character that vintage styles bring. 

Vintage style rugs are perfect in the living room or office and complement antique furniture or vintage themed spaces. Alternatively, they work just as well in a modern space, delivering the perfect juxtaposition to catch the eye. 

If you’re a vintage fan, our Arlene rug is intricately designed, distressed with grey yarns to give it that old world charm. The Arnold rug is also rich and elegant, a classically styled Persian, perfectly encapsulating vintage style. 

Layering rugs

While it’s not a new concept, layering rugs has emerged as a popular trend in the last 12 months. Layering rugs work best in larger spaces with minimal furniture. It’s a fabulous way to combine textures and patterns to add more depth to your room and make your rug the hero.

Try a geometric style rug like Brianna, on top of a natural basket weave jute rug like our Margie, or if you’re feeling particularly brave you can combine patterned rugs to make a really loud statement. 

No matter what rug trend you resonate with, Toowoomba rugs has a rug for you.  Check out our huge range of rugs at our store at the Bernoth Centre, shop 10, 663 Ruthven Street, or order online, with free delivery for orders over $99.

Adding a rug to your room brings colour, depth and warmth. The right rug can take your room design to the next level. 

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