With winter approaching, there’s no better time to invest in rugs. As a proudly Australian-owned retail and online company, we aim to offer weekly specials to assist you in finding your perfect rug. After all, rugs truly make homes complete, embodying our motto. At Toowoomba Rugs, we’re dedicated to infusing every home with warmth and life, particularly during the winter season.

If you seek a high-quality rug that not only keeps your home warm and cosy but also adds beauty and style throughout the year, then our retail rug store – Toowoomba Rugs is your destination. Explore the range of styles we offer below.


We boast one of the largest ranges of rugs in The Darling Downs, if not the largest. Every rug is visually showcased on our online store, offering you the convenience of purchasing from the comfort of your home. What sets our rugs apart is that you won’t have to compromise style for comfort. you are guaranteed  that our collection features quality, luxurious, and plush rugs, ensuring you find the perfect balance of style, warmth, and comfort.



Modern rugs serve as a powerful tool to unify the aesthetic of your home décor. Characterised by clean, simple and classic simplicity, modern rug styles often feature a one earth tone that evokes a sense of warmth and beauty in any space. These rugs provide a natural ambiance, complementing modern furniture to create a cohesive and stylish room. Additionally, Modern rugs are celebrated for their captivating blend of diverse styles and colours, adding depth and interest to your interior design scheme.


Traditional rugs are exquisite works of art, often imbued with a rich historical significance. Drawing inspiration from Oriental and Persian motifs as well as European and Victorian aesthetics, these rugs showcase unique designs adorned with intricate motifs, floral patterns, and elegant medallions. Their palette is characterised by bold hues such as deep navy, crimson reds, soft pinks, serene blues, and opulent golds, lending an air of timeless sophistication to any space.


Shaggy rugs are truly exceptional, particularly during the winter months when they infuse a home with unparalleled cosiness. Characterised by their long, fluffy pile, these rugs boast a luxuriously soft and plush texture. Renowned for their comfort and warmth, shaggy rugs are a beloved option for residential spaces. Picture yourself snuggled up on the floor by a crackling fire during winter, wrapped in a blanket atop your shaggy rug, savouring your favourite hot beverage—it’s the epitome of comfort and relaxation.


Explore our vibrant and whimsical designs at Toowoomba Rugs. Our collection features a  variety of children’s rugs  tailored to suit every taste and age, offering an array of colours, patterns, and textures. Crafted with young ones in mind, these rugs are not only practical but also add a unique decorative flair to any child’s room. They double as educational play areas, providing numerous developmental benefits, all while offering a soft and cosy spot for little feet to tread.


Wool rugs epitomise the craftsmanship of natural hand woven fibres, offering customization to complement various flooring types and settings. Renowned for their exquisite beauty, superior quality, unmatched warmth, and lasting durability, wool rugs serve as an ideal addition to any space, particularly during the winter season, infusing it with a welcoming sense of cosiness. Wool rugs feature a unique construction where the bottom mirrors the top design, ensuring that the decorative pile’s image is replicated perfectly on both sides.


An indoor/outdoor rug is precisely as it sounds—a rug designed to offer the softness and comfort suitable for indoor spaces while also possessing the durability to withstand outdoor living conditions. Unlike rugs solely intended for indoor use, indoor/outdoor rugs are crafted from materials known for their resilience and durability. They provide an excellent option for those seeking a blend of outdoor toughness with indoor comfort.


Moroccan rugs are celebrated for their unique and diverse styles, each intricately reflecting the rich culture, traditions, and artistic flair of the Moroccan people. Handcrafted by skilled artisans from various regions of Morocco, these enchanting rugs boast a wide range of designs, patterns, and weaving techniques. Instantly recognizable for their unique aesthetic, Moroccan rugs exude elegance and individuality, serving as beautiful, handcrafted pieces that add character to any space.


Recycled rugs are crafted from shredded, melted, and spun yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, skillfully handwoven by artisans into exquisite rugs. Despite their plastic origin, the yarn possesses a cotton-like texture, ensuring indoor comfort. These rugs stand out for their exceptional durability compared to traditional counterparts, boasting easy maintenance, tear resistance, and enduring beauty. Soft underfoot, they are a beloved choice for winter, offering both warmth and sustainability.


Flatweave rugs distinguish themselves from other types by their construction on a loom rather than through knotting, resulting in a lack of tufted pile. True to their name, these rugs possess a slim and flat profile due to their weaving method. Despite their thin appearance, flatweave rugs are fundamentally different from flat rugs, as they are woven rather than knotted. This unique construction renders them both attractive and suitable for high-traffic areas, making them a versatile choice for any space.

This winter, Toowoomba Rugs understands the importance of providing that additional comfort and warmth underfoot that our rugs deliver to every home.

Located at Shop 10 in The Bernoth Centre, we’re excited to offer weekly specials guaranteed to add warmth to your winter.

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