How to Choose a Rug Colour 

When it comes to interior design, a rug can be the defining factor to the atmosphere of a room. That’s why choosing a rug, especially an area rug, encompasses careful consideration.

Did you know that one of the most important design features of the rug you select is its colour?

So, for individuals who might be struggling with how to select a rug colour that is either timeless, practical, which looks striking or all of the mentioned – we’re going to share some of our leading and experienced pieces of advice with you.

Room Size

Did you know that the size of the room you are working with is a key design feature that can impact what colour rug you should choose? The relationship between a room’s colour, and a room’s size should ultimately help you to better understand how to choose a rug colour.

For a smaller room, you can create the illusion of additional space by choosing a lighter coloured rug. Rugs with natural hues are fantastic for smaller rooms. Neutral rugs are additionally a timeless choice of rug which complement modern and traditional interiors. If your goal is to make your space or room feel bigger, we tell our client to explore a natural colour rug, such as cream or beige.

On the other spectrum, for a large, open-plan room, the use of a darker rug could serve as a beautiful focal point, adding definition to your space. Creating living spaces that are open and sociable is and will be an ongoing and growing trend. Dark, rich colour palettes are popular in these decorating plans.


The colour of your rug will influence the overall atmosphere of your room, especially if you’re using an area rug to fill your floor space.

The dominant colours in a room will always dictate how you feel when using that room or space. So, if you are purchasing a rug to create a specific atmosphere, we have well trained staff to help you with area rug colour options.

Some Examples 

To make a living room feel cosy and inviting, natural colours work well. Natural hues are calming, and darker hues help to make a space feel more intimate.

For a sunny and bright room, cool coloured rugs will add a feeling of serenity to your space. Pastel blue and sage green rugs will help create a calm environment, while rugs that are yellow, orange, or red will instantly add warmth to your space.

Multi-coloured or patterned rugs work perfectly for those art-deco living spaces. Vibrant or colourful rugs are unique and full of character which create an atmosphere that feels uplifting and fun.

If you want to attain a room that feels light and airy, that attracts a lot of sun, then we also suggest natural-coloured rugs to do the trick.

Personal Style 

The importance of personal style is ultimately one of the biggest, if not the first deciding factor when purchasing your rug or various rugs for your home and your different rooms.

Rugs are design features! They are design elements encompassing your personality and purpose of the space or rooms in your home, as we say, Making Homes Complete, as that is just what a rug is used for. Rugs also showcase your character. So, if you want to incorporate your personality in your home, do not let any of the pressure to stick to current rug trends influence your decisions when purchasing your home completing rug.

However, talking of the latest rug fashions, one of the trendiest colour palettes going into 2024 includes neutral variety. Beige, taupe, ivory, or grey. These rugs are especially hot due to their flexibility and timeless nature. Earthy tones and colours like terracotta, olive, rust, mustard, and brown rugs are also becoming more attractive.

Another tip, as we don’t forget that kiddies are part of most homes, that If you’re decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom, it’s definitely worth getting their input as to what colours or design rugs they want in their space. Ultimately this will naturally draw them to the room.

Existing Colours 

A valuable piece of advice when starting to decorate is to ‘start with the rug’. This will help you anchor your room’s overall style, theme, and décor. If you’re in a position to do this, it’s definitely worth a try! However, most of us already have furniture, décor, and painted walls already in place. So, when it comes to how to choose a rug colour, be sure to consider the existing colour palette in the room you’re working in.

Another helpful piece of advice, we offer, is that there is no point wasting time trying to perfectly match up your rug colour to the colours in your room. In fact, if you try too hard to do this you will end up creating an artificial looking room with your rug. Instead, focus on finding a rug that shares similar hues with your current interior design pieces and walls.

Should rugs match wall colours? This is a frequent question, and most designers would say they certainly do not have to! If your rug is the same colour as your walls, it could be distracting, and the impact of your rug will be lost. However, choosing a rug that complements or shares similar hues with your walls will create a solid foundation for your room’s overall style.

If your room’s design is muted and monochrome, you could choose a bright, bold rug to act as a stand out feature. Alternatively, you could even choose a black rug to complement the existing colours.

If your room already has various pops of colour, you could choose a neutral rug. On the other hand, you could look for a rug that shares features and similar colours as your furnishings, artwork, or other decorative pieces.

We hope that this guide has helped you to feel inspired and perhaps more confident with how to choose a rug colour! If you are still uncertain why not take a look at our collection of rugs in our retail or online store and because we have the largest range, we know you will find rugs in a colour, pattern, and style you will love. Our experienced staff are always available to help you. We offer many specials and sales so be sure to follow our social media to hear about them.

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